denmarkI am a co-founder of the Data Nuggets K-16 educational resource program that strives to increase students’ quantitative reasoning abilities by using real data from exciting and relevant contemporary research.

Currently, I am a research associate serving as project manager for an NSF IUSE collaborative grant between Michigan State University and Auburn University. The main objective of this grant is to merge components of Project Biodiversify and Data Nuggets to highlight scientists from historically underrepresented groups in STEM. The goal is to test whether diversifying and humanizing scientists in data literacy activities increases student interest, self-efficacy, and perception of STEM careers.

I am also the Education Program Coordinator for the Lake Ecology Education Program through the Friends of the Eau Claire Lakes Association. This program focuses on teaching middle school students about the environment with hands-on and place-based experiences that they can relate to their everyday lives. The aim is to foster an understanding and appreciation for their local lakes and promote lifelong stewardship.

My background is in aquatic behavioral ecology and fisheries management. My dissertation research examined the ecological consequences of individual differences in foraging boldness in juvenile bluegill sunfish, with an emphasis on the importance of studying interactions between ecology and behavior in field settings. I conducted my research at the Kellogg Biological Station’s Experimental Pond Lab facility alongside my doctoral advisor Dr. Gary Mittelbach to track differences in growth, survival, and habitat use based on individual behavioral types.

Melissa K. Kjelvik, Ph.D.
Research Associate
email: kjelvikm@msu.edu
Michigan State University