wadersI am a co-founder of the Data Nuggets K-16 educational resource program that strives to increase students’ quantitative reasoning abilities by using real data  from exciting and relevant contemporary research. Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher on our NSF DRK-12 collaborative grant between Michigan State University and Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS). The main objective of this grant is to conduct a formal efficacy study examining the integration of Data Nuggets into existing curriculum and student gains in performance, engagement, and motivation in their science classes

My background is in behavioral ecology and fisheries management. My dissertation research examined the ecological consequences of individual differences in foraging boldness in juvenile bluegill sunfish, with an emphasis on the importance of studying interactions between ecology and behavior in field settings. I utilized the Kellogg Biological Station’s Experimental Pond Lab facility alongside my doctoral advisor Dr. Gary Mittelbach to track differences in growth, survival, and habitat use based on individual behavioral types.

Melissa K. Kjelvik
Postdoctoral Researcher
email: kjelvikm@msu.edu
BEACON, Michigan State University